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In 1990 the Engh family moved from Effingham plantation in Nokesville, Virginia to Lakota Ranch on the edge of Culpeper county in Remington, Virginia. With the family history rich in agriculture and livestock production, the Enghs have long been recognized for the gourmet quality Grass fed beef produced by their Devon cattle and for the quality of the cattle themselves.  


Lakota's Devon cattle trace back to Senator Wayne Morse, who had the premier Devon herd in the country during the middle of the last century and before that to countless pioneers in agriculture, including the pilgrims who first brought Devon cattle to this country in 1623 on the ship "Charity"; this made Devon the first cattle of British origin imported into this country. Since then, the cattle have had a love hate relationship with the American farmer. Devon cattle thrived in the U.S. until WWII. After the war, the government subsidized the corn and feedlot industries and the American cattleman, as well as the cattle industry, began feedloting cattle. With cheap corn and  farmers being paid a premium for quantity, very few farms focused on anything else.


For generations, the Enghs have focused on high quality cattle that are functionally efficient and that produce gourmet quality grass fed beef. This focus was not very profitable in the 70's and 80's, but since the mid to late 90s, many Americans have realized that a healthy diet that includes organic/natural products is far better for them than the processed foods they had been eating. Many more people have been forced to realize the benefits of grass fed beef. 




  • Adaptability

  • Constitution

  • Efficiency

  • Natural hide color

  • Fertility

  • Early sexual maturity

  • Easy Calving

  • Maternal traits

  • Milk quality

  • Longevity

  • Docility

  • Meat quality

  • Cutability

  • Genetic consistency

  • Superior weight gain


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