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Remington, Va 22734

Email: enghs@icloud.com

Phone: (540) 718.1139

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Cattle for SALE

Purebred Devon Seedstock and high percentage Devon Seedstock are always available from Lakota Ranch. We specialize in breeding stock as well as high quality grass only stocker cattle for finishing. Our cattle are culled if they are unable to produce calves that will finish in a two year time period and all cattle are ultrasound scanned for carcass quality traits. Lakota Seedstock has over 50 years of proven production on a grass only diet. There is a reason people buy from Lakota and even more relevant is that theres a reason they keep coming back. Were in Remington Virginia and we welcome you to come by for a visit.

2015-2020 Average Sale Prices
Purebred Devon Heifers avg $3750

Purebred Devon Cows avg $5970

Devon Bulls Avg. $5200

Devon Cross Heifers avg $1950

Stocker Cattle



7wgt and above $1.40/lb

100% grass fed cull cows under 8 years of age at $1.30/lb.

Devon Bulls

The Grass Finished Steer