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Bulls For Sale

Lakota's Devon Bulls currently available for purchase.

We are firm believers in Forage tested bulls and encourage buyers to visit the Lakota Bull Test (LBT) page and farm station to see what we are talking about. The LBT is designed to performance-test sires in a real world, MIG environment, to see which animals thrive. These sires have been the basis for our beef program and hundreds of others around the country. (Please inquire for references.)

Unfortunately, the LBT sale can only be held once a year, the first Saturday in November. To serve our customers better rear round we performance-test a separate group of bulls, which we sell year round. Listed below are the bulls currently available for purchase. Some of these bulls are LBT tested and some are pastured here separate. All of the Bulls are 100% forage tested, Devon sires with a history of grass peformance and high quality beef production.

Lakota's E115

VGL Case Number: DCA2022

Dam: W26 (Partnership Cow)

Sire: Lakota's King Henry A176


HPS: Polled

Date of Birth: 09/20/2017

Birth Weight: 86lbs

Lakota's E131

VGL Case Number: DCA2026

Dam: Keystone Gladys W4


Sire: Lakota's King Henry A176


HPS: Polled

Date of Birth: 10/01/2017

Birth Weight: 82lbs

Lakota's D112


Dam: Lakota's Noyl Princess T56


Sire: Lakota's Virginian X57


HPS: Polled

Date of Birth: 09/18/2016

Birth Weight: 76lbs